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Your safety is important to us!

Some customers buy twice: First cheap – and then once again from us. mb-youngclassics offers you aluminum rims that were produced twenty, thirty or more years ago. These rims could have been abused or undergone rough use. To ensure that you and your passengers can enjoy your Mercedes safely and without worries, our rims are tested immediately upon acquiring them. Unsuitable rims are rejected and good ones are restored to finest quality. At least around a quarter of all acquired rims end up at the aluminum recyclers. The reasons are simple.

amg-3tlgIn recent years, the german authorities are paying attention to the material thickness of polished rims and already pulled out many wheels. Each polishing process is associated with a removal of material – sometimes more, sometimes less. On heavily corroded rims it is possible, that three or four tenths of a millimeter must be sanded down in order to obtain uniform surface. If the rim flange has a thickness of four millimeters, it’s a 10% loss of material strength, stability and breaking strength. We don´t work on such rims! Every single rim from mb-youngclassics will stand the strict german requirements – no matter, in which part of the world they get delivered!

Wheels from mb-youngclassics have a concentricity with a maximum lateral or vertical tolerance of 1.0 mm. The tolerance of a new wheel is 0.7 mm! While scrutinizing these rims for flaws, we again examine for damages and imbalances.

You will find many suppliers of classic Mercedes-Benz rims in Germany and Europe, but no one will give you this security! Our rims are usually more expensive than others on the market, but we believe, that your security is worth this difference – don´t you?

Despite this much of technical scrutiny, you must not forget about an undeniable fact – the rims offered by us are not new. It may happen that small traces of its past are embedded in these rims and it may be recognizable even after the detailed refurbishment. These tiny defects cannot be removed in keeping with the stringent security requirements and therefore are not valid as a complaint.

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